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About us

We are a team from different nations, working mostly in the capital city Tallinn with a vision to reach out and expand to the whole country.

It is our desire is to see Estonia transformed by God through discipleship and the Word of God. We want to see a great wave of missionaries from Estonia being trained, equipped and released to pioneer new ministries here and in the nations, as well as to create platforms for missionaries from the nations to pioneer new ministries in Estonia.

Estonia is a small super-tech nation in the North-East of Europe with a great missionary sending-out potential. Estonians are a smart and hard working people, called to be leaders, but often held back by circumstances.

With God, we are longing to see this nation transformed - people's identities restored and God's ways to be known in every sphere of society.

To see that happen, we are running Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), we arrange seminars, organize conferences, help youth leaders, evangelise, pray, disciple college students. And there is room for more! Who will work with the trafficked, immigrants, unchurched or the fatherless? Who will go to the poorest and the richest places in this nation to teach the heart and the ways of God?

our TEAM:
Samuel Warne

Family Ministries Leader

Annelise Askjem

Admin & Training Leader

Rachael Warne

Family Ministries Leader

Future Staff

Moving in your passions

Rovito Avi Ykh

Youth & Prayer house Leader

Future School Staff

Staffing a DTS

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